A Journey To and Through a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign: Part III

Alright! The first two installments of this little series talked about how I arrived at a crowdfunding campaign for my next record, and then some things I learned throughout the process. Today, I will go into the final product - the new record!

This record will be called “Spin” - also the title of one of the songs off the album. The idea behind “Spin” encompasses the spirit of all seven songs on this record. The overall theme of this project is growing through struggles and challenges, and smiling through the “spin” of it because on the other side is strength and growth and love. This record is a true snapshot of Caitlin Mahoney the artist and the person as I am, but also who I have been during the time I was writing these songs. They all touch on different challenges - friendships changing, heartbreak, stress, disappointment in yourself. The recurring theme is growth. 

The record was a very collaborative effort. I wrote the songs, performed them out on tour all last year, and then brought them to the producers, Chris Grainger and Jonathan Trebing. Chris and Jonathan are long time friends and collaborators from their days in music school together. This was great for me because I just slid right into this great working relationship and our Nashville and New York perspectives resulted in a really awesome creative sweet spot. I told them I wanted to experiment with more pop sounds because these songs leant well to that style. Next thing I know, Jonathan got out the iPad and the synth app fun began. Chris has a background in engineering, and Jonathan is a professional guitarist. Combined, our perspectives were very complimentary. The result is a seven-song pop album with hints of electronic synth sounds, while remaining grounded in acoustic instruments, light percussion and vocal harmonies. Oh, and heavy on the words. You know how I like the words.

A couple of songs feature cello and ukulele, so I have begun to introduce those two elements to my live show. I picked up a cute little ukulele and learned one of the songs, “Wolf” and put a video of it up on YouTube. Check it out above!

Friends came out on a COLD COLD COLD RAINY Sunday morning to be extras in the music video. #truefriendship

Friends came out on a COLD COLD COLD RAINY Sunday morning to be extras in the music video. #truefriendship

The momentum of the release will begin with a music video for the title track, “Spin” due some time in March. Subscribe to my YouTube page to be the first to hear about it and also get some sneak peeks and behind the scenes action. Until then, you can find videos and photos of the filming process on Instagram and Facebook. I can’t wait to share this new music with you!

Thanks for reading and listening and sharing and being you.